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Now you've got the idea... - 28/04/2007 - 21:33
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Right, you see what the idea is.
How-ever, in it's current state, I don't think it works.
People originally voted for galleries - but in pratice I don't think it works. What do you guys think?
PD Inc needs your help! (requires forum registration.)
Did someone say Public Domain? - 26/04/2007 - 15:00
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Well here she is! Long overdue, I know, to all those that were hoping Sprites INC would allow you to submit and for us to archive Unofficial Sprites. (Edits, Scratches, and all sorts), well, the wait is finally over.
Now while the archive isn't very organized at the moment (that comes later), nor is it quite as exhaustive as INC's main site - hereís hoping the news spreads around the Megaman community like wildfire. Hereís hoping, anyway. Maybe. *looks around.*

Now, before any questions are asked, Iím going to use this news post to tell you EXACTLY what this site is for, and what each of those sections up above mean.

The Purpose:
Unlike the majority of Spriting Sites, this is strictly a resource site - NOT a gallery!

* Like the main site - this isn't here to look all pretty and let people go "Ooo nice sprites! I wanna use it... but can I?".
No, this is for "Wow, I could really do with that, and since its public domain, its free to use!"
Getit? We also don't accept willynilly, so you will not be seeing any Megaman Recolours and badly done Edits. Oh no. While not every sprite here may be up to Capcom quality, they will all still have a use in them.

* To know what qualifies - look around whatís currently up, and hereís an exhaustive list of the rulings for the archive. The main point is usefulness. Here's to the Public Domain section of INC!.. now before the emails come rushing in..

* Now you may be wondering what each of the sections up above mean - well its quite simple:

These are more poses to sheets already on the Main Sprites INC. So, for example, Megaman X in his X1 armour, pulling off moves he does in his other games.

Other characters which use bases, or use parts of official sprites (or even parts of PD sprites) - Again not just any edit will go in here.

So, for example, if someone creates Oilman and uses Iceman PB for a base, even if its hard to tell its uses a base, would go in here.
If a sprite used multiple bases (a Frankenstein), it still goes in here.
That said - if a base is recognisable to the point of uselessness (the majority of Megaman 7 Edits) - it won't be included.

Self explanatory - Completely scratched sprites would go in this section.

Should be self explanatory, but if it isn't, hereís all you need to know:
Now this section is for both Non-Megaman characters in the various Megaman Styles, (so as the button shows, for example, Mario in MM7 style), OR Megaman Characters in other game styles, (So Megaman in the Super Mario World Style for example.)
This is still a Megaman Archive, so you won't be finding Mario in the Sonic Advance style for instance, but Sonic in Megaman 8 and Megaman in Sonic Advance - thatís accepted.

What's Public Domain?:
This means you can use the sprites on this site, for what-ever you want. Without asking. And while credit is not a requirement, it is nice to do so. After all, some of the stuff here takes far longer to make than anything on the main Sprites INC, and a fair more creativity.
Just be sure to credit the creator and NOT Sprites INC.
This does not mean you can claim these sprites as your own - do that, and you'll probably get hunted down by the person who made it. And we'll know. We'll know. :wink:

That should've answered your questions. If not, feel free to ask in the news post at the forums (Registration Needed) or email.
Submissions should be directed at myself, or Blackbeltdude (who shall be making a newspost shortly.) - but preferably use the forum designed for that purpose.
Later folks.
Please note!:
As a recently uploaded section, and the sheer volume that had to be sorted and uploaded, thereís bound to be mistakes.
Lots of them. Files may be in the wrong folders, images may be broken, and I might even have uploaded stuff that was deemed "not acceptable."
Oo-er. And for the record, the majority of the sprites under my name are... old.. as time itself. Expect me to replace them with better versions at a later date.
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